Superpositional Reality Grenade (deliciouspear) wrote,
Superpositional Reality Grenade


Reason number 849 why I love my husband.

I emailed him a letter that said "Is it okay with you if I go to work on Saturday, clean everything out and tape a "By the way, I QUIT" letter to Carolyn's monitor?"

I "wanted" to quit and give notice at a lunch meeting, but my meeting SHOULD have been 3 weeks ago, but then they were gone and gone and then they took Eugene instead. Tomorrow should have been the last day of my two week notice.

He called me nearly instantly and all he said was "That's FINE with me! I think that's the right thing to do! I loooooooove you!"

So yeah - that's my plan. Now I gotta bust ass today and tomorrow so they can't so anything like claim I didn't finish my work. (Cause Carolyn *IS* bitchy enough to pull that shit.)

Now if I can just steal someone's car so I don't have to make 4 bus trips, everything will be okay.
Tags: quitting, reason number, work

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