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Girls in Trees

I'm so happy that it was warm and sunny enough today for all the neighborhood girls to hang out in the tree next door again. One of the few things I like about my childhood home getting torn down is the fact that a lot of random trees are now easily accessible to children. There are 7 girls between the ages of 7-12 that (literally) hang around in that tree. Sometimes by only one arm.

They are super nice to Lizard when he stands under the tree and yells "Halllooooo girls in tree! Haaaaaaaaaaallllloooooooo!"

They don't play dumb "house" or "school" crap either. Today there were five of them and they were some sort of dragon army in training. They kept yelling "Name and Element!" at each other and responding things like "Starshadow, Ice, Sir!" "Flickerwings, Gold, Sir!" "Flameblossom, Fire, Sir!" PRETTY EPIC.


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Jan. 26th, 2015 01:01 pm (UTC)
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