Superpositional Reality Grenade (deliciouspear) wrote,
Superpositional Reality Grenade

To those of you posting variations on the

"If you don't want a minimum wage job, don't have minimum skills."

"Why should a fast food worker make $15 when a soldier doesn't?"

images that are going around:


There are so many different things wrong with these pictures.

1. Just because one group has it shitty, doesn't mean another group deserves it worse. (EVERYONE deserves a living wage.)

2. The idea that all fast food workers have "minimal skills" or didn't go to college or are somehow undeserving is BULLSHIT.

ALL you are doing by posting this crap is

1. Helping perpetuate the vilification of the poor


2. Being a complete asshole.

Congratulations, YOU'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

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