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"Old Folks Day"

Every Thursday from 8am-1pm at our local Safeway is "Senior Discount Time," or as *ALL* the seniors I know call it, "Old Folks Day."

I like Old Folks in general, I used to haaaaaaaaaaaaate Old Folks Day and would only go there by accident. (Although the last time I was there I met the Omaha Beach survivour and that was cool.)

Today Lizard and I went to the store and I thought "Oh No! Old Folks Day!" but NOW I LOVE IT.

1. Old Folks LOVE BABIES.

2. Old Folks don't care if you move really slowly and stop a lot.

3. Old Folks don't care if you have WIC checks and coupons.

Lizard and I had a great time at the store smiling and waving at everyone and everybody smiled back. Plus, Old Folks LOVE it when you give them a compliment, instead of giving you the weird hairy eyeball like a lot of young people do.