Superpositional Reality Grenade (deliciouspear) wrote,
Superpositional Reality Grenade

Munnie grumps

If we had about a $16000 loan, it'd fix all our other problems and then we could just be paying one person/entity a good chunk each month.

(Please don't offer debt consolidation advice - we have far too many personal type debts for that sort of thing to work.)

I'm just day dreaming about the day when I have no over-due bills, my back rent is paid and we don't owe a lot of doctors money.

I'd also like a magic gnome to clean my house. I feel like I'm "maintaining" it really well. The problem is that it has already spiraled down into a SHITHOLE.

SO yeah - anyone know anyone giving out cheap $16000-$20000 loans?

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