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I love reading the Seattle Police Blotter because of things like this (complete with a picture of the Big Lebowski):

"...in keeping with the spirit of I-502, the department’s going to give you a generous grace period to help you adjust to this brave, new, and maybe kinda stoned world we live in.

Does this mean you should flagrantly roll up a mega-spliff and light up in the middle of the street? No. If you’re smoking pot in public, officers will be giving helpful reminders to folks about the rules and regulations under I-502 (like not smoking pot in public). But the police department believes that, under state law, you may responsibly get baked, order some pizzas and enjoy a Lord of the Rings marathon in the privacy of your own home, if you want to."



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Dec. 11th, 2012 01:07 pm (UTC)
That'd be a job I could enjoy - writing up such dry legalese into fun styles of communication. Meanwhile, since my apt is a non-smoking building, I've got at least a month to smoke it on the sidewalk and only be told " go back inside with that." at worst. HA!
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