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Scary Ass Dreams

So I'm awake now, because I had a terrifying dream. I have LOTS of nightmares (always have) but they are usually frustration=scary or real-life-scary rather than supernatural-scary.

It'd had Victorian travel expeditions, weird Lovecraftian begining-of-the-universe-brain-bending, caves, gemstones, cute blonde traveling companions, base camps, psychic communication, alien creatures drilling holes in heads with lazers and also, Jaleel White.

It had a passage in it (that was some sort of glimpsing the aliens (or whatever they were) minds) that I wish I could remember like

"They almost took [word] out of [the universe?] because they could hear the sound of [creation?] without time."

It's making me crazy that I can't remember it, but maybe my waking brain can't handle the concept, just like in the dream.
Tags: dreams, horror, i have issues, nightmares, science fiction, spooky

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