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Marriage Equality Has the Votes in Washington State!

Today Washington state Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen announced she now supports marriage equality legislation in Washington State. The bills, SB 6239 and HB 2516 are being heard in senate and house committees today. With Sen. Haugen’s support, the legislation has enough votes in the legislature to pass. Gov. Chris Gregoire is a strong supporter of the legislation and has indicated she will sign the bill.

HRC is a proud partner in Washington United for Marriage, a broad statewide coalition of organizations, congregations, unions and business associations that will work to obtain civil marriage for lesbian and gay couples in Washington State. After Sen. Haugen’s announcement, Washington United issued the following statement:

“Washington United commends and congratulates Sen. Haugen for her support of marriage equality,” said Lacey All, Chair for Washington United for Marriage. “We’ve known for a long time that our stories are powerful, and sharing those stories can change hearts and minds. Hundreds of constituents shared their stories of love, commitment and family with Sen. Haugen, and in doing so convinced her that she was doing the right thing for Washington.”
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