Reason Number 871 Why I Love My Husband

We're getting ready for bed and talking about how awesome Captain America Civil War was and how the snappy dialogue wasn't forced like in the Avengers movies and Jordan says goodnight and I say goodnight and then out of the dark my husband goes

"dat Bucky tho...."
set us up the BAUM

Reason Number 870 Why I Love My Husband

ME:  I really wish I wasn't allergic to apples, because I would murder an apple fritter right now.  Like, I want an apple fritter so hard, if you offered me Tom Hiddleston​ or an apple fritter, I would take the fritter.

inventionsleeps: I would smear the the apple fritter all over Tom Hiddleston and use him as a plate.  You could just eat the fritter and then any Hiddleston that gets in your mouth is incidental. I mean, people lick their plates some times, I don't see what the problem is.  He'd be clean afterwards, because LICKING.

June Hair

The Person Under The Tarp

Today after picking Jordan up for work we were going around greenlake and right by the library was an awful accident with what I'm 98% was a dead body. I don't know why else a person on the ground by a smashed car would be under a tarp being mostly ignored. Jordan said that he thought the parent and child standing on the corner were just looking at the fire engine, but I have a spin-out brain so I wanted to make sure they weren't related to the person under the tarp. I tried to look up local news but couldn't find anything other than the fire engine real-time call-out. I just hope everyone's okay and I'm very thankful that we weren't there to see or be in the actual smash.

Everyone go hug your loved ones.

Orange Moon

Girls in Trees

I'm so happy that it was warm and sunny enough today for all the neighborhood girls to hang out in the tree next door again. One of the few things I like about my childhood home getting torn down is the fact that a lot of random trees are now easily accessible to children. There are 7 girls between the ages of 7-12 that (literally) hang around in that tree. Sometimes by only one arm.

They are super nice to Lizard when he stands under the tree and yells "Halllooooo girls in tree! Haaaaaaaaaaallllloooooooo!"

They don't play dumb "house" or "school" crap either. Today there were five of them and they were some sort of dragon army in training. They kept yelling "Name and Element!" at each other and responding things like "Starshadow, Ice, Sir!" "Flickerwings, Gold, Sir!" "Flameblossom, Fire, Sir!" PRETTY EPIC.

Hotrod Cow

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Nerd-Parents of small children, Imma straight-up blow yo' minds:

The Conductor is a Time Lord and the Dinosaur Train is his T.A.R.D.I.S.

Just let it settle in for a minute.  The more you think about it, the more sense it makes.
Ass Cowboy

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Of course one of the few days my kid ISN'T begging for tv is one of the few days I would have given in and let him watch something....

Mama needs a clean house!


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I want people to stop claiming that humans have "evolutionary" or "scientifically proven" vegetarian/vegan bodies.

We don't. Humans evolved being omnivores and have the bodies of omnivores who cook their food.

IT IS FINE TO BE A VEGETARIAN. In this day and age we don't have to eat animals to get proper nutrition, nor do we need to cook everything to survive, but historically this wasn't true.

I just don't get it when people need "their thing" to be "the thing that always was."